The Process

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This page is provided so that you may better understand the process required to install your new stone or quartz countertops.

Call or e-mail to set up an appointment. 425-267-9147 or


Initial Consultation:

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  • You will schedule a time to meet with us in our showroom.  Please bring a detailed drawing of the room in which we are installing countertops.

  • You will fill out an Estimate Request Form.  Click To View Form  

  • We will help you choose your stone from our inventory or our suppliers. Click to view our inventory of full slabs.

  • Your edge detail, backsplash and other details will be chosen. Click to view edge details.

  • Please bring pieces of other design elements you may want to match your countertops to. (I.E. flooring, cabinets, etc.)

  • We will get back to you with an estimate ASAP.

  • If you have already made your selections and would like to skip the initial consultation then simply e-mail us a completed estimate request form, with a detailed drawing. Click to view estimate request

  • After you have a chance to review our comprehensive written estimate, we will schedule a time to template and install your countertops.


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  • We will come out to your project to create templates of your countertops. This is much more accurate than simply taking measurements.

  • The decision maker for the project must be present.

  • If you are replacing old countertops, only the backsplash will need to be removed for templating. The countertops can be left in place until just before your new ones are installed. We do this to minimize the time that you’re without your kitchen.

  • If you will have new cabinets, they must be completely installed in their permanent position before templating.

  • All related appliances (sinks, faucets, soap dispensers, stoves, cooktops, downdrafts, or anything else a hole must be cut in stone to fit) must be on site the day of templating.

  • The location of any seams will be discussed.

  • The location of faucet holes and accessories will be discussed.

  • If you have selected a material with significant veining or movement, you will be asked if you would like to be involved in the layout of your countertops.  (Please be aware that this will extend leadtime).


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  • The fabrication process typically takes 7-10 business days (for an average sized project).
  • Once we have the templates in our shop, they are carefully laid out onto the slabs you selected and cut into components that will become your countertops.
  • After the parts are cut to shape, the entire room is mocked up on tables and the edges are profiled and polished. Undermount sinks are cut out and polished, and all the final details are attended to.

  • Once the parts are finished, they are carefully loaded into our box van and transported to your home for installation.



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  • Our professional installation team will carefully bring your new countertops into your house and secure them in place.

  • You will be present at the install in order to approve the final install and for us to collect final payment if necessary. 

  • Undermount sinks will be mounted to the countertops. Top mount sinks, cooktops and downdrafts will be set into place to verify fit.

  • If your countertops require multiple pieces . This high end process sets our company apart from our competitors. It produces a seam that is almost impossible to feel.

Timeline for a Typical Project:

  • Once we have a signed contract and deposit, we will schedule a template date.

  • A typical template takes 1 – 3 hours (depending on the size of the job)

  • If old countertops need to be torn out, we will gladly provide this service. Otherwise this needs to be complete at least the day prior to installation.

  • We will return to install your finished countertops about 7-10 business days after templating. Installation will typically take one day.

  • You can schedule your plumber to hook up your sink the day after installation.

  • Final payment is due upon completion.


  • We stand behind our 3cm granite slab installations with a LIFETIME warranty! As long as our company is in business, and as long as you own your home, you can rest assured we will stand behind our product.